Saint Louis Science Center


The Saint Louis Science Center website project was part of a larger rebranding effort by Atomicdust (read more about it here). This project was challenging for a few reasons:

  • Templates had somewhat elaborate designs but also needed to be very flexible. The client would need to build out pages with varying content. This site was created before WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg, so pages were built using ACF Flexible Content fields.
  • Events needed to fill several roles for the Science Center’s website. There are scheduled calendar events as well as general informational Event pages. Both types of events are cross-referenced and pulled into modules within other parts of the site.
  • We needed a useful way for visitors to “Plan” their visit, but would not be able to connect directly to the 3rd party ticketing system.


  • Site Architecture
  • Theme Development
  • Plugin Development

Notable Features

  • Custom ‘My Favorites’ Planner plugin allows visitors to plan their trip. As visitors browse the site, they can favorite events, posts, and other content. These favorites are saved to local storage to be printed or emailed when complete. Built using WordPress REST API.
  • Modular theme allows the client to build pages using Advanced Custom Fields flexible content modules.
  • Extensive integration with The Events Calendar plugin including heavily customized templates.
  • Cross-related content throughout the site promotes related events, posts, pages, etc.